Dedicated Project Manager + Designer

Designer + Project Manager


Steve Luviano

909.596.8496 Ext: #206


James Paez

(909) 596-8496 Ext 205

The Designer/Project Manager is responsible for the project he/she designs from start to finish. The Designer is your liaison and will maintain a consistent, clear line of communication.

The Designer/Project Manager assigned to your project will:

  1. Provide a clear understanding of the project
  2. Communicate with you regarding the project
  3. Design the project alongside you
  4. Give updates on the project as they occur

Our Designers/Project Managers have 50+ years of combined experience between them.

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Customer engagement is the driving force of our design, manufacturing and service process. The desire for new, personal and unique creations connects us to our customers. Those who regard the kitchen as a central living space, seek inspiration for functional as well as aesthetic aspects. Like us. We are passionate about creating innovative, high-quality custom cabinets with superb functionality. Our products emerge from the hands of our talented designers and expert millworkers in a unique, eco-friendly manufacturing environment. We encourage design and manufacturing groups to work side by side with each other, sharing knowledge and capabilities to create a product that truly defines “state-of-the-art.” At Expression Inn Wood, we appreciate the worth that design professionals bring to a project and value our relationships with the array of talented designers, architects and builders who come through our doors. But we understand that some people know what they want, and prefer to complete projects on their own. For those individuals our in-house designers provide the right level of support, whether this is your first kitchen or your fiftieth. Every person–design professionals and end users alike, who works with us benefits from the Expression In Wood experience. From the moment you decide kabi is the right choice for you, one of our in house designers is placed in charge of your job.